Ace + Jet

Hi hun here are the blog answers. Sorry it took so long!Tell us about you?
My name is Lisa I live in South Sydney and I am the founder of the small handbag label Ace + Jet. First and foremost though I am a wife and also a mother to 2 of the most beautiful little boys whom I named the business after. 
Their middle names are Ace and Jet. They are my inspiration to be a pioneer for change so it just made sense to name the business after them. 
I am a lover of all things fashion and homewares related, especially fashion. I have always had a weakness for handbags and accessories hence why i started the business.
Tell us about your business
At Ace + Jet we supply minimalist, chic leather goods that are never a fashion but always in style. We keep our colours neutral. We stick to Tan, black and nudes. We keep the colours and styles classic so that way each bag will go with most things in your wardrobe. We aim for each piece to be able to be treasured in your wardrobe for years to come.

As I mentioned earlier, I have always liked fashion but as I’ve gotten older I have become more conscious of where I buy from and how things were made. When I embarked on starting my own handbag label I knew that I wanted to try to source and have pieces made that were ethical and sustainable. The artisans who create our bags are looked after and are paid well above the average for their craft. 
We try to minimise the use of single use plastic and ship in eco friendly packaging. We are 100% hand made so there is not a need for a huge factory to produce our pieces, which is better for the environment. Being handmade also means that no two bags are exactly the same. Each and every person is getting a unique item.
Having traveled to Bali, Indonesia many times since I was 18 years old and having gorgeous leather pieces made there over the years. It was only natural that I turned to this beautiful country to source and start my collection.
Bali has such a rich eco system of artisans and leather manufacturers and in recent times has really become an epi centre for fashion. It is such an inspiring place to visit a real visual feast.

Who inspires you and why?My husband inpires me to be better a person everyday. He has such a positive outlook towards life and business. He has such a calming influence on me. Every time i have felt like giving up, he has encouraged me and been the constant voice of reason.

What is your number 1 business tip for someone in business
Well i’m no expert but my number 1 tip is get started! Don’t overthink things too much. When i launched Ace + Jet i only had 10 of every style of bag. It doesn’t matter if you start small just start. There are plenty of wholesalers and manufacturers that are willing to work with businesses that only require small minimum order quantities. 
I also think you should never be put off by people who have a similar product already or think that the market is too saturated. It is actually scarier to go and develop a brand new product that has never been sold as the market has never been tested before.
Jump right in and learn as you go!

What do you do for me time? Well funny you should bring that up because besides going to the gym i actually love massages! It is just a really a beautiful time for me to just switch off and relax without any distractions. It just helps to reset me. It is such a treat to be able to go and it is just so important to prioritise looking after yourself. It is my monthly treat to myself.

Where can we shop your bagsYou can shop my range on and check out my insta handle which is @ace_and_jet for some outfit inspo. I will be stocked in some retailers shortly. Watch this space!

Thank You so much to Ace + Jet for being apart of our small business blog. I have loved getting to know you and am very inspired by how you juggle mum life and work your passion as well.

Lets get behind this amazing women and head over to her socials to check out all the products she has on offer. And I must add I love love love my hand bag its perfect for all occasions 🙂